Brick Fireplace Remodeling Options and How To

Brick Fireplace Remodeling Can Lift a RoomMy advice up front is to hire a contractor first for your brick fireplace remodeling, unless you have decided this would be a do-it-yourself project.   The mess of tearing out the existing brick is something else!  Understand today’s codes and regulations are much more strict than they used to be.  You will probably need to get a permit to do much of anything.  A contractor deals with this everyday, has the experience, and can save you headaches and heartache!  If you do this yourself, remember to measure twice, check it twice, buy extra materials.

Here are some brick fireplace remodeling options being used by most people today:

  • Re-facing (with drywall or wood)
  • Covering with another stone product
  • Tiling with ceramic, porcelain, marble, granite etc.
  • Painting
  • Texturing

Research your project.  Stay organized and start with a list of what you want at the end.  Keep in mind the style and feel of your house so you will have the perfect brick fireplace design at the end!

Take photos of things you really like in your home and in that fireplace room.  It is not so easy to remember “colors” when you are shopping in large showrooms with fluorescent lighting.  When you have pictures and colors with you as you shop, it helps you in avoiding extra trips back to the store.  Take photos of your project as you go along if you want to.  I find it very helpful.

How to Reface Your Brick Fireplace Remodeling Job

There are mountains of ways to reface your brick fireplace.  You can simply drywall over the brick or use paneling or wood.  Drywall is a great way to achieve a more modern look if that is what you want.  You can achieve a total remodel by simply adding a beautiful new one piece mantel which a contractor can make fit over your existing brick fireplace.  Use the existing brick as the “surround” portion  and that’s it!

Today’s options for your brick fireplace remodeling gives you inexpensive and professional looking results that are even easier than ever to accomplish.  If you are covering with another stone product like river rock or even a faux stone, check all the variations of stones on the internet and at your local showrooms and open stone suppliers yards.   Do this also if you are tiling over with ceramic tiles, porcelain, marble or granite.

Remember how I feel about the importance of color – it is simply essential and this includes the color of the stone.   Several customers of mine have chosen their own granite or stone only to have it installed and say to me, “Why does it look pink?”  Lighting can do wonders, so bring home actual pieces of the stone or marble or granite and test how it looks in “your” lighting.  Stay tuned for my book on how to fix any “color” problem in your home!

Painting is also considered a remodel when doing brick fireplace remodeling, because it can totally change the look of the entire room.  Water based paint loves brick.  If you want an opague brick, then prime the brick first, then use the paint right out of the can.  If you want a softer look, do a wash on the bricks.  This is done by thinning the paint with water.  It’s quite messy, but looks awesome.  Experiment with bricks first to see what you like best.

Texturing over an existing brick fireplace is one the coolest things.  Check the internet for texturing with cement-based products that can be stained.  You can achieve a modern look or one that looks Tuscan in only a day if done by a professional.  Utilize these tips when doing brick fireplace remodeling, or call me for help with your brick fireplace remodeling job.

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