How to Make an Organic Fireplace Mantel

Organic Fireplace Mantel Enviornmentally FriendlyGo organic and build your own organic fireplace mantel. Save the forests, but make me a fire!  Yes, you can save the trees and at the same time enjoy a heartwarming fire with the smell of roasting marshmallows.

Impress everyone with your environmentally organic fireplace, as you hear the joy of laughter and chitchat with friends and family.  How homely and pleasing this image is!   The fireplace mantels may be an outdoor or indoor style and very similar, the main difference is the damper.

The natural and man-made organic patterns like limestone, quartz, and granite give a custom appearance to your fireplace mantels to enhance the beauty of the mantel shelf and the home décor.  Place your favorite family photographs on the mantelpiece and create a nostalgic ambience while sitting by the fire.

Here are some tidbits about an organic fireplace mantel–

  • Wood, charcoal-burning or gas fireplaces are some options that you can choose for your organic fireplace mantels. The wood or charcoal fireplace models require a concrete and non-combustible surface.
  • They are easy to install and require little maintenance.
  • The portability and easy-assembling qualities have made these fireplace mantels popular in the past decade.
  • They come with ceramic logs, tumbled glass, or lava rocks to complete your authentic fireplace experience.
  • Remember this fireplace is not meant for cooking, but to obtain warmth and enjoy entertaining friends and family .

Today’s fireplace manufacturers have their own specific design, which will fit any budget and taste. You may see one manufacturer offer easy-to-install designs like double-walled construction of ferroconcrete and quartz, which is totally free from maintenance.

Or another manufacturer come in with an easy-to-install unit offering a sandy finishing and durable concrete look.  The wood burning models have a grate and spark arrestor.  Yet another manufacturer may construct an array of outdoor fireplaces with heat-dissipating stones in a variety of colors.

  • Gas fireplace mantel s
    1. In today’s life of hustle and bustle, who has the time to build a proper fire, so want a remote control to do the job, right?  Click the button just to light up and put out the fire, right?
    2. The gas fireplace is a hassle-free, environmentally friendly and perfect option for you.
    3. They are made of stainless steel, without venting and easy-to-install almost everywhere.
    4. These fireplace units are versatile in nature since they require natural gas fuel like liquid propane, which produces no smoke and no ash.
    5. They also have a gas flow control with a magnesium composite and steel frame, which is fire retardant.
    6. They include lava rocks, which ignites the flames  and warms up the surrounding area.

Your Organic Fireplace Mantels is a rather new option for fireplace mantel.

Choose your organic material and then make your design.  Keep track of all the environmentally friendly materials you use and do your part in educating people who want to do the same.  With today’s natural stone and organic resources, it us such an exciting time to be able to present an organic fireplace mantel that peacefully whisper “WOW”.

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